Album Review: FKJ – French Kiwi Juice

Vincent Fenton is French Kiwi Juice, and FKJ is the album that you should be listening to right now. The Paris-based music producer is doing exactly that – producing music, and there is something so genuinely alive about it that I can’t get enough. At first the name ‘French Kiwi Juice’ seemed like yet another amalgam of random words to create a memorable band name like so many indie groups. But Vincent Fenton is no indie group, and as it turns out, I see the name French Kiwi Juice as exactly indicative as well as evocative of the intangible sound he creates. Entitling the 2017 album with the initials of his stage name is perhaps strategic, announcing himself and declaring that his sound, his music and his name are one and the same.

Each of the twelve tracks is unique and marvelously arranged. Bubbling synths back up steady bass hits and smoothly edited vocals. It’s the peak of electronica’s intersection with jazz. As both the album and band name suggest, there is something intrinsically juicy and ripe about this music, simultaneously tart and sweet and given rich texture with the added French style. Without a doubt, there is something essentially flavorful about his music. Like Gramatik and Big Gigantic before him, Fenton is pushing the boundaries of our auditory pleasure sensors. This is music based on beautiful contradictions, upbeat deep house, scripted jazz, atmosphere with presence.

I can’t think of a particularly bad time to listen to FKJ, but there are certainly plenty of perfect times. For example, this should absolutely be added to your beach playlist, your late night bonfire playlist, your plane ride to spring break playlist. Basically anything you associate with warm, good times with people you love and good feelings, French Kiwi Juice is the soundtrack.

My favorite tracks (besides all of them) are ‘We Ain’t Feeling Time’, ‘Go Back Home’, ‘Canggu’ and the slower, more heartfelt sounding, ‘Why Are There Boundaries’. There is so much to love about FKJ, and any one that appreciates great music, or even just great sounds, will love this production. While the artist is based in Paris, almost all the vocals are sung in English. And yet even if they had been in French, I’m sure they would have retained their beauty nonetheless, so powerful is his sound. I believe that this will be the best, most slept on album of the year, so wake up and be among the enlightened.

By: Fletcher Bonin

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